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Sweet Vukovar!

On the road again! Nothing could stop our enthusiasm in traveling again, not even the rainy summer start of 2021. The Dream team of Thierry, Skatin and me decide to take the car for the long travel from Basel to Vukovar, after a one night stay and a fantastic dinner in Italy we arrived the following day in Vukovar Croatia. The Organization Vukovart and the Host at Villa Martini welcome us with open arms and made sure we are safe on the scaffolding and well feed during our stay.

First and second day was Rain all day, so I only could lay down the sketch. On the 3rd day we had fantastic weather all day and therefor could put in a solid 10 hours of painting which we repeat the following day. All in the wall only took me 3.5 days with the strong support of my 2 friends. The last night we celebrated our great time with karaoke and Sliwowitz.

Vukovar was amazing, and we can't wait to return for paint and Ćevapi.

Check the pictures here.

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