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Streetart Festival Frauenfeld

Frauenfeld, a town known for its vibrant cultural scene, recently hosted a captivating street art festival that brought together talented artists from around the world. As one of the artists participating in this remarkable event, I had the incredible opportunity to paint a massive wall at a local brewery.

The Street Art Festival in Frauenfeld was a vibrant gathering of creativity, where artists from diverse backgrounds converged to turn the town's walls into living artworks. Amidst this bustling atmosphere, I found myself drawn to a blank canvas—a prominent wall at the heart of a thriving brewery, patiently awaiting its transformation. I had my good friend Skatin helping me with the Wall funlevel was allways on 100%.

Participating in the Street Art Festival in Frauenfeld and painting a significant wall at the brewery was a profoundly fulfilling experience. It allowed me to express myself, connect with others, and contribute to the cultural tapestry of the town. The festival exemplified the magic that emerges when creativity, community, and art intertwine.

A Big Thanks to the Curators Taina and Elf and the whole organisation of the festival.

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