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hit the north

I have never been to North Ireland so I was very happy to receive the invite to the Hit the North festival which takes place in Belfast, this was the 9th edition and over 400 walls have been painted over the past of this festival by some of the best artists out there. I started my wall with perfect conditions, the sun was out, all materials and lift on sight. I had to park my lift in a narrow alley to move around, was a bit tricky, but it worked out fine in the end. My wall was already primed by the good folks of the organization, so I jumped right in to the sketch and by the end of day 1 all lines were laid down.

Day two and 3 was another beautiful sunny day and the forecasted rain did not show up. i made all the fill in and already a few outlines but kept a part for the actual festival on Saturday. All week we knew that there will be rain all day on Friday so I planned to take a day off with no painting this did not work out like planed... in the end I painted 2 more walls in the rain on this day...

Saturday was the main Festival and just in time the sun returned. i put in a few more hours to finish my wall and then enjoyed the festival.

On Sunday, a group of artists went to the Freedom Wall for a Small Jam. This wall is covered with thousands of messages left by tourists with edgings provided by the cap drivers that take them there. I spend most of the time with triple covering all those marker writings to have a solid fill in. the atmosphere was special, a place full of history and tensions still around.

On Monday I had a special City tour going to visit the gnome and fairy, heard stories about a giant messing with Scotland and visit the massive side of the Titanic. All in an other fantastic trip with loads of memories that stay. A massive thanks to my Buddy Carl Kenz for the great trip, Seedarts and Emic for all the organization, Constance and Tulga for being a great host during the week and all other artists for the great time. Sláinte!

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