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From the streets in to the Museum, Residence at Mausa Vauban

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

I had the honor to paint a room at the Mausa Vauban in Neuf Brisach, France.

The Mausa Vauban is a Museum for urban contemporary art and is located in a Fort that surrounds the Village Neuf Brisach and was built in the early 18th century. The museum opened its doors 2018.

Since the opening last year a lot of great artist have visited this special place and left their marks. The concept of the museum is that each artist paints a room and turns it into a unique experience for the visitor. As diverse the styles of each artist are as unique is each room.

It took me some weeks to get my concept together. I started with a visit to the museum and rebuilt a small model of my room at my studio. Because I like to build things, it was clear for me to make an installation in the room. The plan was once again to create a 3D artwork where the visitor can walk through the different layers, at the same time it had to be impressive when entering the room. That's why I decided to go with a massive mickey with a Lichtenstein brush stroke.

Thinking back to my visits to theme parks I realized that I was always drawn to the rebuilt scenes that showed people at their workspace. This led to the installation of a workspace that represents my studio. This installation gives the visitor an insight into my head. During my future visits to the museum, I will constantly add things to this part of my room.

The first big wall in my room I approached like if I was painting in an abandoned building. It always was and still is part of my life to paint at lost places where nobody or only a handful people ever see the painting. It is in those places where I try out new techniques and styles. I dropped all details, outlines and extras and only focused on the shapes of each character. It was very confusing to paint these color changes. The second challenge I gave to myself was to not use any stencil or tape and only cut the lines with cans. I am very happy with the outcome and will defenitely keep on working on this style.

The Biggest wall in my room had to be filled with an explosion of graffiti pop it was super fun to paint on so many surfaces and shapes in one picture. The wall had its challenges, some parts fell apart just because of the pressure of the spray paint but a lot of white priming color and some brush work made the colors pop and the end result solid.

A big thank you to my assistant Luca, the crew of Mausa and every visitor that came by to say hello.

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