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East coast Tour

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

After all the troubles over the last 2 years, I was super happy to return once again to the USA for a 3 week trip.

Together with my Manager Thierry and my Artist friend Some1 I went on a journey to New York, Richmond and Miami.

First stop on our list was New York to be present during the Opening of my Show " Motion" at the Krause gallery in Manhattan. On our First day, we did the touristic part and walked almost the whole of Manhattan.

On the second day we painted our first collab wall in Manhattan that was organized by Nils Westergard who meanwhile had arrived in New York to join us for a part of our trip.

After we finished the wall, we went straight to the Krause gallery just in time for the Opening of my Show. The Opening was fantastic, I had many great conversations sold a bunch of artworks and was overall super happy to be there is person after the last 3 years of working together with Benjamin Krause. The next day I started my biggest mission in New York, a beautiful wall located at Broadway in Brooklyn. On my last visit to New York I meet Alberto who runs JMZ Walls at that time he provided me with a last minute wall and this time he pulled off a beautiful big wall and even provided an other one for my friend Some1.

The wall had a solid 5 hours of sun, which was a massive bonus since the temperatures were around 4°.

Normally I prime my wall first, but because of the low temperatures I decide to straight start painting on the previous artwork. Some1 joined me on the first day on the wall and was a big help putting in a big part of the colors.

On the Second day, he started his own wall just next to mine and painted a beautiful owl. I kept myself warm, working hard all day putting in colors and outlines. We always had a big stack of coins and a few singles in the pocked for the homeless of the area, on day 3 we were already part of the neighborhood and had a few funny interactions while painting.

We finished both our walls on day 3 and after an other visit in Manhattan it was time to pack our things and prepare for the next stop

The next day we head direction airport to catch our flight to Richmond, Virginia. I actually should paint a commission wall together with Nils Westergard but due to a fatal accident in front of the wall the whole project got on hold just a few days before arriving.

The legend Nils then pulled out a beautiful wall for me to paint located next to Supply RVA a Graffiti store just about to open his doors. Finally, a store with Molotow cans!

I tried to be lazy and ask Nils for a projector, only to find out I have to make the shiluettete and fill this all with roller paint the day I arrived. With the strong help of the whole team, we manage to fill this part and have the sketch lines on the wall in only a few hours.

The second day in Richmond started off great, the sun was out and the 4° from New York turned in to 14°. My wall was in full Sun all day, so I don't have to mention that I had a freaking great time painting this Wall. The owner was super friendly and I had the perfect time during this whole Paint session.

On day 4 we made a paint break and went on a little road trip to have our first Thanksgiving with the Westergards a other great memories.

Day 5 was an easy finish and as I received an invite to an Event that offered the possibilities of an other wall, we did not hesitate long and smashed an other wall and a truck this night. This was my second time in Richmond and i can't wait to return.

Now it was time to pack once again and fly to Miami for all the Art Basel madness. Arriving in Miami was crazy the 14° turned in to 28° and the humidity felt like it's on 200%.

We headed straight in to Wynwood and I could not walk 20 meters without bumping into friends. The thing I love when traveling to Mimi in December is to meet all my friends from all over the world, catch up on their stories, paint walls together and live through those Miami nights.

On Day 1 in Miami I started my wall for the Wynwood mural Festival and right away felt the heat in the brutal sun of Miami.

Meanwhile, Thierry started our Truck project which was basically a rented U-Hall van with a Gallery sett up in the back and a wrapped outside witch got painted by several artists over the main days of art Basel which was a few days out.

On the second day, Some1 joined in at my wall for the Mural Festival, and together we decide to basically double the size of the painting.

We finished the wall on day 3 and in the evening we wend to paint the truck on a soccer field in wynwood interrupted a soccer game and painted the truck for 2 visitors.

The next day I laid down the base color for the next wall and repaired my wall number 4 or 5 in Miami. Carlos the legend and soul of CCD Art Collective provided me with the next wall and this wall alone was worth the travel to Miami. I spend the day getting the roller paint, rollers, cans and the rent of the lift for the next day, i also end up at a shooting range the Balenciaga store and a strange restaurant and a other few places but you never know where you go next when you are on tour with Carlos.

At this point I have to give a huge shout-out to Carlos who paid for everything I highly appreciate this support at this point I had spent way over 2000usd for the material I used in the previous walls.

The Wall is located at a super busy road and once again full sun all day.

I had my lift for only 24 hours and with an early sundown I had to call this a short night and was at my wall at 8. With no breaks, i could finish the top part just before 12 and returned the lift in time.

A few more hours and this wall was finished in only 1.5 days.

I tried the overlay of a second image which i used previously in cartoon elements but this time on a more comic - pop art based image. it was very confusing to paint, but rewarding in the outcome.

Once again, it was time to celebrate with my friends and see all the Wynwood madness. meanwhile, everything was in full swing and the streets full. The next day we took the van and head direction beach, took some amazing pictures spend a few hours laying on the sand and even had a swim in the sea before we went back and placed the truck one last time in Wynwood for a new coating and an other night of party.

The following day I was exhausted and felt like enough painting was done, only to remember the spot I primed a few days ago. Somehow manage to make the sketch, but can't remember when I did that. So again I grabbed the ladder and the cans and went to the wall which i painted with my beloved friends from Spain, Italy and South America.

I add a little bit more paint to the piece I started the day before and the called this the end of the day.

On the last day, me and Some1 finished our side of the truck at a beautiful location in a nature park before we removed the foil of the truck and returned it to the rental companies.

Now it was time for the last Beer before heading back home the next day and as a last temperature update, we went from 29° to 0°. All in this was a fantastic adventures and I could not be more happy to have it shared with Thierry and Some1. Much love to everyone who made this trip unforgettable. NUC Gallery, Nils, Carlos, JMZ, Krause Gallery, HappyTrees, Markus,SupplyRVA, The Westergards,CCD........

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