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Berlin Teufelsberg

I really love Tefelsberg in Berlin. Every time I'm in Berlin since 2016, I make sure to visit this place. I've painted several walls over the years, and some of them have stayed up for more than six years. On this recent visit, I had to say goodbye to my huge Cut Up Painting at the back of the location. Six years of Berlin weather had faded the bright colors, so it was time for a fresh coat. I handed this wall over to my friend Carl Kenz and decided to paint a new one on the front side.

The curator, Peter Lorenz, invited a bunch of artists for the Teufelsberg street art festival. The idea of painting at a festival always sounds awesome, especially when you get the call on a sunny day with temperatures at 30°C. However, the reality of painting at a festival in Berlin at the end of October is not so comfortable.

When I arrived, the sun was shining, and spirits were high. Together with Tobbo, we primed the wall and started the artwork. The next morning was tough. Rain, wind, and cold all day. My first move of the day was turning my lift into a solid tent. I closed the sides, cranked up my speaker, and wore five layers of clothes. The whole setup was perfect, and I still had fun painting my sketch on the wall.

The following days were pretty much the same, except for the time change, pushing me to paint in the absolute dark at 5 pm. Luckily, I was prepared with a solid lamp, so I could add a few extra hours every day. The many layers of different roller paint under my coating made it hard to get a solid fill because the surface took forever to dry. So, I just added layer upon layer with the fill-in paint, basically covering the entire wall three times. Some parts of the wall had color peeling off, while in other areas, the wall itself seemed to fall apart. Next time, I'll need to bring more duct tape.

It took me six solid days of painting all day to get this 11 by 14-meter wall done, being the first on the mountain each day and the last one to leave. Painting these walls brings joy to my heart, and dancing on a lift has become my happy place, no matter the conditions. A big thanks to Peter, Tobbo, and the great company for making this challenging yet rewarding adventure happen.

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