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colors up festival

After the kick-off from my mural season early this year I had the pleasure to return once again to Strasbourg for the Colors Up Festival.

For this wall, I had to provide 3 Sketches to the good people of this neighborhood, and they could choose their favorite design. The wall is located at le quartier de la Meinau in Strasbourg. The area is a mix of new houses and some run down houses, mostly bright new white or gray, so my mission was to brighten up the neighborhood.

Soon we made friends in the area and received some very strong beers as a “Thank You” even the local scooter gangs gave us the thumbs up as they were rolling by on a wheelie.

On the last day there was the revel of the artwork to a group of locals, house owners, Newspapers and some city officials.

The feedback was very good and everybody was happy with the outcome and the progress.

Pictures by Genevieve Engel

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