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Colors for Trnava

I had the pleasure to travel to Trnava Slovakia for the Trnava Street art Festival organised by

I could travel together with my good friend Nils Westergard and our wall was located just next to each other so the party basically never stopped. From the first minute I felt very welcome and in good company thanks to the great guys from the Organisation. The wall is located at a local school, at first i thought the school had better days but then found out it just open a few months ago... apparently a good Christian soul open the school, luck me he spent his days talking with Nils about God and the world.

I made a fast... very fast process and almost nothing could stop me. Until one morning where I arrived at the spot only to find out some clever kids climbed the 7 meter high lift to steal 80% of my paint. A few hours later the cops turned out with a part of my cans and a little bit later more paint showed up. Poor kids got arrested the same night, one of them on the lift, the others painting a few 100meter away.

In the end, I was just happy to have enough paint back to finish this wall for the school and not spend a few hours in the car to get more cans.

Back on track and in only 4 days I finished this mash up.

Slovakia, I will be back!

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