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As you are all aware the world has changed drastically the last few weeks or days. 10 days ago I had a full plan of Jobs lined up for the next 4 months, so much work that I had already hired my assistant for several of those jobs.

Due to the hold on all public events. The majority of jobs got canceled or postponed.

80% of my Income is based on Commission jobs at Festivals or for Companies. Due to this unclear situation its more than realistic that I won't be able to complete outcall jobs for the next 6 months, or longer.

I never asked for charity or handouts in my life and I will certainly not start now. On the other hand I would like to make an offer where we can all profit together. I spent a good chunk of time thinking of how to save my business' and came up with the "Bust Bond".

What is a Bust Bond?

My Jobs outside are canceled but I still can work in my studio which allows me to work on canvases.

A Bust Bond is in first place an investment into me as an artist. Purchasing such a Bust Bond from me, will allow you to acquire one of my canvases from my website, or commission a piece/wall in the near or distant future until 2030.

The Bond can be exchanged anytime in the  period of the next 10 years. After having reached out to me and my team with your "Bust Bond" we will certify its authenticity and then you will be sent your work on canvas or Commissions confirmation. 

The Canvas must be one found on my Homepage, or it can be a commissioned job trimmed to your liking.

Of course, the wall will be a commission with the choice of your favorite characters. Please have the understanding that I can only offer this option in Europe due to travel expenses.

The Bond is currently around 20% cheaper than my Galery prices. You can Buy the Bond HERE either with PayPal or you can get in contact with me for a bank transfer over Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions. Thank you! Save Bust!


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