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Art week miami

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

This was my first trip to Miami for the Art Basel week. Me and my wife arrived on Monday before the madness started. We decided to take a nice apartment in Wynwood for the first week and then enjoy Miami beach for the rest of the stay.

On our first evening we visited the CCd Gallery in Buena Vista where we meet our good friend Kram and a bunch of great people from Spain and South America. We felt at home right away and spent every day with these artists and became good friends. The first wall I painted was a collaboration with Pez and Kram at the Veza Sur brewery in Wynwood. The wall was massive and we spent a few days painting it.

On my 3rd day I took a break at the Brewery and left early for the Meeting of Styles event to get the lift for my prime spot at a big intersection. The first lift I got broke down after 100 meters, the second one decided to die on me right in the middle of a massive street. Lucky me Golden was there to save me and the lift with his massive truck dragging it over the street... On the 3rd lift and finally at the wall I got 3,5 hours before I had to give it to the next artist so no break for Mr Bust and straight to work. I am really happy with the result for this short time.

The next few days I spent at the Veza Sur wall and of course joined the massive Party in Wynwood and Downtown with my friends from all over the world. As the art week came to an end, the streets were not as crowded anymore, the cleaners buffed all the unwanted "streetart" and me and my wife took an Uber to Miami Beach for our "Holidays".

When we arrived in Miami Beach we were instantly bored and after one day we cancelled our Hotel and went back to the, for us, nicer part of Miami - Wynwood and Buena Vista. The great CCD Gallery welcomed us with open arms and we spent the last of our holidays with our new family. Back in the area it was time to paint again. There was still a spot left at the Basel house where I made my 3rd wall.

Meanwhile Kram put up the last touches on our massive collaboration wall so I went for a final beer to celebrate this massive wall. Still two days to go and all the shopping done, lucky me our host the CCD Gallery still had one wall in the perfect size for a Smurfface.

I had an amazing time in Miami with all my old and new friends. A special thanks goes out to the CCD Gallery, Meeting Of Styles Miami, Basel House and my good friend Kram who made a lot possible. Click here to see the pictures.

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