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All caps rotterdam

You really don't have to ask me twice if I want to join a festival in my second home, the Netherlands, so as I received the invite from the All Caps festival I did not hesitate 1 second to replied with a big YES! Arriving in Rotterdam, I got a pickup in style by a classic cargo bicycle. Arriving at the super nice hotel, I had only a few minutes before heading out to the big Surprise of the day. The whole organization and the artist were invited on two speedboats, and we raced up and down Rotterdam for some "sightseeing" hitting 100kmh top speed. From the speedboat, we went straight to a party boat to calm down and have a few drinks. The next day i went to the wall to discover that the street was parked full of cars apparently 20 no parking signs are not enough... the team of ALL CAPs covered all the cars, and we could start priming the wall and in the end of day 1 I had almost the full sketch on this 44 meter wall.

The next day was no difference with the cars, some left, new ones joined. At noon the city send an army of towtrucks and 2 hours later the street was all cleared. From this moment I was all clear for loads of fill and put down 2 layers of paint on the whole wall to have a solid end result. from here on it was smooth sailing, I even decide to add a drop shadow on the characters as a last minute decision. Long outlines are always tricky, and this design only had long lines. Sometimes I had to move the lift 5 times just for 1 line.

The weather forecast said rain every day and every day it turned out to be a beautiful day except of 1 day witch I used to listen to a few panel discussions organized by the festival. I finished my wall in time for the main festival and enjoyed the rest with the great artists and the organization, having a few beers and loads of laugh.

A massive thanks to the whole team of the ALL CAPS Festival it was hands down the best festival i ever attended.

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