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Mashup geneva

Solo show at ID Room Geneva.

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In 1999 BustArt began his artistic career with classic Graffiti. Until 2005, he became deeply involved with the whole spectrum of Graffiti and reached a new level of identification with the various facets of the subculture.

In addition to the classic Graffiti works, he started to combine letters with cartoon based characters, leading his art to more figurative works. Stickers, stencils and posters on his travels through Europe inspired him for a further artistic development.


BustArt adopted a new range of techniques and skills which were helping him to realize new motives, statements and street art experiments. To communicate with the people through street art became a mission. A mission to surprise passers-by, encourage them to think and sharing the love for coloured urban space. Travelling and seeing the world was another motivation for BustArt.


He left his marks all over the world: New York, Berlin, Mumbai, London, Paris, Dubai, Cairo, Marseille, Amsterdam and many more.

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