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Le Locle

From the heat of the Streetart festival in Chur to the cold and rainy weather in Le locle. The weather goods of le locle really did not play along this time. We had every day a few hours of painting and much more hours of heavy rain, next to this the temperature dropped like half from the week before. Next to the weather, the lift was acting bad as well. I had to change my lift and the second lift died exactly on a Saturday, so I went back home to return 1 week later for a "new" lift which turned out to be the same as before.

Next to the bad weather and the lift, I had a fantastic time with my assistant at the residence of the exomusée who is the organization behind all the walls in Le Locle.

Just in time and on my last stroke of paint the rain kicked in again. Happy to be finish but sad to have no blue sky on the picture means I probably have to return.

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